• International = different = good or bad?

    By: Hui Xin Choong Being an international student is no easy feat. International students move thousands of miles away from home often without any social support and are expected to assimilate into American society despite the multitude of cultural barriers they face. Universities are becoming increasingly multicultural, with international students being at the core of… Continue Reading →

  • Does Haruki Murakami Hate Japan? 

    By: Johnson Huynh As a novelist, coveted Japanese author, Haruki Murakami’s works are countless.   Women and children know “Kafka by the Shore”, “1Q84″, “Hard-Boiled Wonderland and  the End of the World”, among which the most famous is “Norwegian Wood”. This book  was published in 1987 and immediately became popular throughout the day, which also triggered the… Continue Reading →

  • Korean Media in the US

    By: Christine Lee Research South Korea’s prevalence in the United States has grown significantly over the years. Beginning with PSY’s “Gangnam Style” to the recent Squid Game show on Netflix, South Korea’s media industry has swept the feet of many Americans. For many Americans, when thinking of Asia, Korea is oftentimes one of the first… Continue Reading →

  • A new yellow peril? 

    By: Charlie Lu August 17, 2022 Covid 19 has immensely influenced the social workings of this modern world. Whenever we go on our phones to check social media, we see the different hate crimes against Asian Americans in this country. Its of no shock that the outbreak of Covid 19 has drastically increased, leading to… Continue Reading →

  • A Case for Intimate Preferences on Dating Apps

    By Tiffany Jo August 12, 2022 In this day and age, online dating platforms are the norm when it comes to finding a romantic partner. People enjoy the many advantages of online dating from finding new people outside of their immediate surroundings to getting to know someone easily just by chatting with them in the… Continue Reading →

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